Comprehensive Passive House Education for All Now Available!

This summer, North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) and Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex) announced the launch of a new, coordinated on-demand Passive House training pathway for all those people even a tiny bit interested in the Passive House standard and building a better building.

These new on-demand training platforms are geared at rapidly increasing the uptake of high-performance building and design training across New York State among architects, mechanical engineers, sustainability and energy consultants, structural engineers, estimators, energy modelers, and tradespeople.  The goal is to upskill all members of building design teams to deliver high performance low-emission buildings for both new construction and retrofit projects in commercial and residential markets.

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How does it work?

BE-Ex offers a one-hour introductory Passive House Primer and a suite of six technical modules that demystify the basic principles of Passive House design and construction, explain their benefits in the real world, and connect them to the broader context of building energy codes, climate policy, and real estate trends. Later this year, BE-Ex will also unveil a Passive House Primer for Construction Trades, providing a much-needed entry point for this critical set of stakeholders. Available live and on-demand, these training modules are suited for not only working practitioners like architects and engineers but also everyone from the general public to building owners, real estate agents, and builders.

These shorter modules introduce Passive House to the widest possible audience while NAPHN offers a more in-depth look at the science of Passive House through their on-demand landmark CPHD course. The CPHD is the premier training program for Passive House building professionals working on residential, institutional, and commercial projects. Based on more than 25 years of global technical leadership from the Passive House Institute (PHI), the continuously updated CPHD has been the cornerstone of professional education of Passive House principles for years. Making this seminal course available on-demand has transformative implications for the industry. Additionally, NAPHN provides

in-depth specialized technical modules on a variety of critical subjects – advanced courses that prepare participants to design high performance, energy efficient buildings that meet the needs of the future through globally recognized Passive House principles.

We want you!

Education on Passive House principles changes the way building industry professionals understand the energy consequences of design and construction decisions—it is often said that once one understands the fundamentals of the Passive House standard, one can never look at a building the same way again.

We welcome any questions that you may have about training in the Passive House standard.  We are particularly interested in moving people along the educational trajectory, no matter where you want to enter.  For any questions or to discuss a training program in your environment, connect to us on our website, email us at [email protected].

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