Following the Little Red Line: Developing & Executing Air Sealing Strategies for Panelized Buildings

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Our April Construction Technology event highlighted the pre-certified Phius CORE 2021 Bardin Residence, a project in New Jersey illustrating the intricacies of air sealing strategies tailored specifically for panelized buildings. In this session, we were joined by Paul Thompson and Laura Blau (BluPath Design), Ilka Cassidy and Steve Hessler (Holzraum System), and Bryan Bleier (New Energy Works). The team took us on a deep dive into the crucial elements of airtightness within prefabricated structures, exploring topics ranging from coordination within Passive House teams to the intricacies of energy modeling and standard assemblies. Whether you're a seasoned construction professional or a newcomer to panelized building techniques, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in developing and executing air sealing strategies that elevate the performance and efficiency of your projects.

Speakers guided participants through the importance of seamless coordination in executing effective air sealing strategies, emphasizing the critical role it plays in optimizing energy efficiency and building performance. Viewers will gain invaluable insights into the red line drawing details, understanding the scope of panel parts and their interrelationships, and the intricacies of the factory review process and panel fabrication.