Founding Sponsors' Circle Complete, Accelerator Launches Champion Sponsorship

We're proud to announce that we have completed our circle of ten Founding Sponsors and have therefore closed the sponsorship category to newcomers. Our deep gratitude goes to these companies for supporting us in founding and launching the Accelerator and continuing to support us with major support:

  • 475 High Performance Building Supply

  • Baxt Ingui Architects

  • Glavel

  • Minotair

  • Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US

  • Partel

  • RDH Building Science

  • ROCKWOOL North America

  • Sto Corp

  • Zola Windows

As the Founding category closes, we are launching a new category for major sponsorship: Champions. We're excited to have our first Champion on board already, and will announce that company very soon! If you are interested in sponsorship of the Accelerator, contact [email protected].

Thank you!

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