Gary Klein: Reduce the Time-to-Tap

0601phactt video

As Construction Tech cohost Kevin Brennan said at the top of last week’s episode before being called away by a fire emergency somewhere in New York City, some of the most important gains that Passive House design still need to make are in domestic hot water (DHW). It’s not an area that gets as much attention as building envelopes, heating and cooling, or fenestration, but it is a vital component in any dwelling and reducing time-to-tap for hot water and delivering it more efficiently not only improves occupant satisfaction; it can also save builders a lot of money. As Gary Klein says in his presentation, “Reducing Time-to-Tap Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Better Floor Plans Lead to Better Performance,” rightsizing plumbing systems in multifamily buildings can lead to savings of up $1,000 per unit.

Delivered from the seat of his car in a Target parking lot in Vallejo, California, it is our pleasure present one of the nation's leading hot water gurus, Gary Klein. View the Chat Transcript here.

Author: Jay Fox