Getting the WELLness into the Passive House

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In the June episode of Next Gen, viewers heard from Radhna Saxena, a Sustainability Specialist and Associate at Atelier Ten in New York. With a decade of experience, Radhna is experienced in sustainable architecture and green rating systems like LEED, WELL, and Fitwel. Her pioneering work, notably on projects such as Penn Medicine Radnor, showcases her commitment to exceeding industry standards while prioritizing occupant health and wellness.

The session explores the symbiotic relationship between environmental sustainability and human wellness within the built environment. Radhna articulates the imperative for incorporating wellness-based green rating systems, such as the WELL Building Standard or Fitwel certification, into Passive House design. Through a compelling case study, viewers will witness tangible benefits for occupants, ranging from enhanced indoor environmental quality to increased productivity, underscoring the intrinsic value of amalgamating Passive House principles with wellness-focused strategies. Radhna's expertise shines as she navigates the complexities of integrating wellness criteria, such as indoor air quality and biophilic design, into Passive House buildings, offering attendees practical strategies and best practices to optimize occupant health, comfort, and well-being.

Categories: Video, Health & IAQ