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March 10, 2021

Glavel Becomes a Founding Sponsor of the Accelerator

Glavel Becomes a Founding Sponsor of the Accelerator

As we in the Passive House community work to decarbonize buildings, we know that the materials we choose for our projects can make or break us. We need high-performance solutions that also have low—even zero—embodied carbon.

So, we are excited to announce that a pioneer in this arena, Glavel, has joined Passive House Accelerator as a Founding Sponsor. Glavel takes recycled glass and transforms it into a thermally-insulating, load-bearing bulk aggregate: a perfect low embodied carbon solution for the under-slab insulation of Passive House buildings.

“In order for the transition to zero carbon buildings to happen at the pace necessary to meet the challenge of climate change, our industry depends on innovators like Glavel,” said Zack Semke, director of Passive House Accelerator. “Their foam glass gravel helps us to make crucial strides, not only in decarbonizing building operations but also building construction. We’re very happy to be partnering with Glavel and look forward to sharing the big developments that will bring their product even closer to zero carbon this year.”

Glavel sees its support as a way to join forces to move the industry forward.

“Deepening our commitment to advancing cost-effective low carbon building materials, Glavel is excited to formalize a long-standing relationship with Passive House Accelerator,” said CEO Rob Conboy on behalf of the Glavel team. “Together, we hope to further decarbonize the built environment and support the practitioners of the Passive House movement.”

Keep your eye out for our collaborations to come on the Accelerator platform!

Passive House Accelerator

Passive House Accelerator

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