How to Protect the Air Inside Your Home from Wildfire Smoke

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Major wildfire smoke events are becoming more and more common across North America and around the world, blanketing our communities with weird, dystopian orange skies, and making the air inside people's homes dangerously toxic. So how do we protect our homes from these pollution events, particularly given that climate change will make them worse? It turns out there are some powerful ways to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. To get some guidance on this, Passive House Accelerator’s Zack Semke catches up with John Semmelhack, co-owner of the Comfort Squad based in Charlottesville, Virginia, and a member of the Phius Technical Committee. John shares an immediate, triage solution to keeping indoor air clean (the Corsi-Rosenthal cube) as well as a long-term, structural solution (Passive House airtightness and ventilation with high-performance filtration). Watch to learn the details and how you can apply them to your household.

Resources about the Corsi-Rosenthal cube: