Illinois Recreational Center First to Receive PHIUS+ 2015 and PHIUS+ Source Zero Certification


The Prairie Activity and Recreation Center [PARC] in Plainfield, IL, is the first building of its kind to receive PHIUS+ 2015 and PHIUS+ Source Zero certification. Designed by Chicago-based Wight & Co., it is the most recent addition to the Bott Park complex, which is comprised of soccer fields, baseball fields, and outdoor spaces designed for recreational activities. The new, 37,000-square-foot facility contains a fitness center, basketball court, walking track, and multipurpose room for classes and special events. To achieve net-zero specifications, the roof of the PARC has been outfitted with a 28,600-square-foot solar array.

According to the executive director of Plainfield Park District, Carlo J. Capalbo, the capital investment necessary to achieve certification was largely offset by rebates offered by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation for reaching numerous milestones.

You can read more at Commercial Property Executive.

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