Innotech Component Spotlight | New PHI Certified Windows and Doors

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Innotech is celebrating two decades of manufacturing with the launch of four new PHI-certified products, including the first cold-climate certified window manufactured in North America. At our September 20 Passive House Component Spotlight, Mike Cairns, Architectural Product Representative at Innotech, will review the new PHI-certified Defender 88PH+ System, virtually walk-thru live projects that feature the new system, and discuss how to avoid common fenestration designs that negatively impact performance. Mike brings over two decades of construction and fenestration experience to his role at Innotech. His combined technical expertise, hands-on experience, and passion for sustainable construction ensure the windows and doors in every project are engineered and installed to exceed each project’s performance requirements. Innotech Windows + Doors (a Patron Sponsor of Passive House Accelerator) is a Canadian manufacturer of European windows and doors engineered specifically for North American projects. Specified by leading building professionals, Innotech manufactures a wide range of high-performance windows and doors with outstanding thermal insulation, superior air, water and sound resistance, and proven durability. This Component Spotlight promises to be packed with technical knowledge for Passive House practitioners. Join us Monday to learn more about the products that make Passive House possible. WARNING: Things will get geeky.