LAMILUX Glass Architecture Component Spotlight: Living with Light

Join us Thursday, October 21 (10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern) for the next installment of the Passive House Component Spotlight featuring LAMILUX. This presentation looks at the designs and details of LAMILUX daylight systems that provide exceptional performance as well as Passive House project examples from around the world to show attendees what is possible when designing with daylight in mind. Our guests will be Andreas Leuopold of LAMILUX and Jeremy Latriano, the Daylighting Product Consultant for 475 High Performance Building Supply.

LAMILUX has generations of experience to build from as a manufacturer of high-quality skylights for nearly 70 years. Optimizing the use of natural light in high performance buildings is essential to occupant health and wellness. From rooflight domes, flat roof windows and continuous rooflights, to massive glass roof constructions in aesthetically pleasing shapes; LAMILUX solutions offer exceptional attention to detail while addressing the needs of the Passive House standard.

Now an expert in his position, Andreas Leupold began his training at LAMILUX 14 years ago and has gained varied experience by working his way through several departments within the company. Now International Key Account Manager, he is responsible for the company's largest skylight projects around the world while also specializing in achieving customized solutions for partners based on project needs.

As a part of the 475 crew, Jeremy Latriano has worked with the Lamilux team to bring hundreds of daylight projects to life across North America. He has a Bachelor of Science in Energy Business and Finance from Pennsylvania State University and will hold a Master of Science, Sustainability in the Urban Environment from the City College of New York. He has been an intern at Urban Green in New York City, a superintendent at Coastal Enterprises on Long Island and a benefits coordinator at PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund.

Andreas and Jeremy will share their expertise about the importance of daylight in design and their knowledge of the LAMILUX catalogue, so make sure to come with questions.

WARNING: Things will get geeky.

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