Minimizing Carbon in Multifamily Systems

PHALive! CT 110922 ChrisFuller

Chris Fuller (Staengl Engineering) joins Construction Tech to illustrate how different heating and cooling system choices stack up to each other in their energy consumption and carbon emission impacts for a real apartment building (nearing completion) in Pittsburgh. He gives concrete examples of how different dehumidification systems and domestic hot water systems fare against each other as well. In total, 14 different HVAC/hot water system types are discussed; they were all modelled and analyzed for their embodied carbon, operational carbon, and refrigerant leak impacts.

Chris has over a decade and a half of experience designing energy-efficient, elegant mechanical systems for buildings and has been recognized by his clients for his outstanding work on complex design projects for new and renovated laboratory buildings, office buildings, dormitories, apartments, libraries, cafeterias, and classroom buildings. He is also a local advocate and designer championing more sustainable, beautiful, walkable patterns of placemaking for the built environment.