Modern Bones For Next Generation Homes: Marshall Fire Rebuild

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Our May Construction Technology episode focuses on the Boulder Colorado Marshall Fire rebuild and the emerging AEC collaborations for rapid integration of Passive House principles. With climate-minded clients, generous incentives, experienced builders, and architects designing with B.PUBLIC components, the next generation of Passive House is emerging in the Rockies. We look at the rebuilding process from the prefab perspective and share the construction tech of off-site plans and processes.

Our presenters are Jonah Stanford (CTO and co-creator) and Edie Dillman (CEO and co-creator) of B.PUBLIC Prefab. B.PUBLIC Prefab is a team of architects, designers, and change-makers meeting the climate and housing crises head-on. We’re reimagining building for the better with technology that achieves extreme energy reduction, deep sustainability, and unmatched livability—at scale.