Most Climate-Resilient Cities (2023)

This post was originally published in Architectural Digest

Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to hide from the effects of climate change. Every region in the United States has experienced rising temperatures, extreme weather patterns, and greater damage from natural disasters. Most experts predict that many areas will be unlivable by 2050, which is well within the scope of a 30-year mortgage. While some U.S. cities are better prepared to weather climate change’s effects, other locations are more likely to suffer based on geography and a lack of infrastructure and preparation.

If you’re moving to a new area, consider climate change as an important deciding factor. Communities invested in renewable energy sources are well-positioned to adapt to a changing climate and will become increasingly more desirable places to live. This will drive up the area’s real estate value. To help you identify these locations, we’ve rated 50 major cities across the United States based on population, historical weather data, and more to determine which spots to keep on your radar.

To see their findings, follow the link here.

Author: Amanda Lutz
Categories: Resilience