Nigel Valley Passive House

The Nigel Valley project consists of a series of buildings on a 9-acre parcel owned by five housing and care operators. Many of these buildings require significant renovations, and the operators recognized that together they could realize a more-cohesive neighbourhood plan than they could do by proceeding individually.

For this five-storey building—part of the first phase of the overall redevelopment—the Nigel Valley steering committee is targeting net zero energy ready and Passive House certification.

This building is owned and operated by the Greater Victoria Housing Society, with a portion of funding coming from BC Housing.



Cascadia Architects

The ground floor features commercial units, with 70 residential units above, ranging from bachelor to four-bedroom layouts. Increased insulation, triple-pane windows, and HRVs are some of the strategies being used to achieve the targeted performance.


Heating demand

15 kWh/m²a

Cooling and dehumidification demand

0 kWh/m²a

Primary energy

120 kWh/m²a

Air leakage

0.6 ACH₅₀ (design)

Categories: Multifamily