Now Available: Beta Version of OCEC Tool Developed by Skylar Swinford

Skylar Swinford has developed the open-source OCEC tool (Operational Carbon Embodied Carbon tool) which draws upon data from (1) the BEAM Estimator[1] (for estimating A1-A3 upfront carbon emissions), (2) the eGRID emissions factors in ASHRAE 189.1: Standard for the Design of Green Buildings[2] (for estimating operational carbon emissions using retrospective electricity emissions factors), and (3) the NREL Cambium Tool[3] (for estimating operational carbon emissions using projections for future electricity emissions factors).

OCEC provides a single-page dashboard for rapid comparison of the operational and embodied emissions of two side-by-side building cases. It is an early design tool that integrates the upfront emissions from the building enclosure, mechanical system, PV system, and energy storage of a building with a tally of that building’s operational emissions. It also evaluates the impact of refrigerant leakage on overall building emissions, which varies depending on the size of heat pump necessary for a given building.

For more background view this Passive House Accelerator LIVE presentation:

1920x1080 Image

Download the full slide deck from Skylar's, Dan Whitmore's, and Zack Semke's presentation about OCEC at PhiusCon 2022 here.