NYC Holistic Decarbonization: The Role of Retrofit


Our October Project Showcase presentation will analyze the critical role in which retrofitting our architectural infrastructure plays in transforming New York City into a more sustainable and decarbonized metropolis through a focus on scalability, density, and embodied carbon reduction. Ana Leopold, Vera A. Voropaeva and Paul Castrucci of Paul Castrucci Architects will join the Accelerator to review their approach to replicable retrofit pathways through tangible examples of completed tenement retrofits and planned NYCHA retrofit initiatives. Retrofit's role in increased density will be evaluated through the Beacon Development, a East Harlem development consisting of a new construction, multi-family high rise and an existing school building retrofit, demonstration of how elevating the decaying building stock can coexist with urban density and sustainable growth goals. Decarbonization via efficient retrofits will be reviewed through the lense of the Beacon's analytics, highlighting ways that energy-efficient retrofitting contributes to the overarching goal of decarbonization with anecdotal data.