Passive House Weekly November 21st 2022

November 21st, 2022

Please read on for a selection of Passive House happenings, articles, interviews, and developments. The featured project above is PHI certified Mamaroneck Passive House from Mamaroneck, New York.

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1. Passive House Week in Preview

NOW LIVE: Episode 114 of the Passive House Podcast

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Passive House Podcast co-hosts Mary and Ilka interview Zoe Kaufman of NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory). As a research engineer, Zoe focuses on guiding building fabrication toward replicable, low-carbon design. In her conversation with Mary and Ilka, Zoe shares her collegiate experience in the Solar Decathlon, and her subsequent work at the Levy Partnership and Bright Power in New York City. She also dives into her work at NREL doing hygrothermal modeling in the context of a changing climate and what implications that has for building envelope durability moving forward. Listen here

NOW LIVE: Bonus Episodes, Live from PhiusCon

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Source Logo Horizontal 1665451214

Source 2050 is a multi-vendor marketplace built to allow energy-efficient construction products from the largest industry incumbents to the most innovative startup companies to be listed, compared, and purchased in one place. Read our recent article about Source 2050, the Build Better Marketplace.

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2. Featured Article of the Week

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Is the Greenest House the One That’s Already Built?

When it comes to combatting climate change, the high-performance building industry has made great gains by focusing on reducing operational carbon emissions in buildings, resulting in new homes that use far less energy than existing ones. However, focusing solely on operational carbon emissions is short-sighted and misses the whole picture. Continue Reading

3. New Videos

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John Woelfling (Principal, Dattner Architects) joins PHA Live! Project Showcase to discuss how the density associated with urban multi-family buildings can make achieving passive house performance much more attainable, even on an affordable housing budget.

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Available in early 2023 from 475 High Performance Building Supply in both USA and Canada, the FLAIR 325 and 400 heat/energy recovery ventilation systems have the highest efficiency ratios in North America as Certified by PHI. 475 CEO, Floris Keverling Buisman, presents available solutions (ERV/HRV, accessories) as well as specs for this newest essential component for high-performance construction.

4. Upcoming Conferences

International Passive House Association Conference 2023 (March 10-11)
The 26th International Passive House Conference will be held in the state capital of Hesse in 2023. #EfficiencyNOW will be the focal theme of the event. The Conference will demonstrate how buildings that use very little energy for heating and cooling can be supplied with renewable energy reliably and at scale, a timely topic. The Conference will take place in person in Wiesbaden from March 10-11, 2023. Simultaneously, online events will be available. The Call for Papers is open until 2 September 2022. The event will be held under the auspice of the Minister of Economic Affairs of the German state of Hesse.

2023 Passive House Network Conference (Sep 28-Oct 6, 2023)
Participate online and in Denver Colorado!

5. Upcoming Passive House Happenings

Passive House Accelerator
Building Passive House: On Spec, During a Pandemic, and In a Weird Market (Nov 30)
Urban Passive House Episode 3: Rubin Hall (Dec 8)

Passive House Canada
Master Class Month, various November programs (Nov 8-25)

Emu Passive
Online CPHT On-Demand Course & Live Q&A (Reg for Jan '23 Winter Crew)
Passive Pod Workshop and Builder Boot Camp, Troy NY (Jan 23, deadline Jan 9)
Remote Exam to become PHI Cert. PH Tradesperson CPHT (Mar 3, deadline Feb 17)

Passive House Network
CPHD On-Demand Trainings
Call For Papers (Jan 31)

Passivhaus Trust
Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass Lecture Series: Steel Frame Passivhaus (December 7)

6. What We're Reading

COP27 leaves world on dangerous warming path despite historic climate fund (Washington Post)

South Sudan and the consequences of climate change (Der Spiegel)

World leaders crack down on methane pollution (DW)

Voters historic climate initiatives in ‘silent surprise’ of US elections (The Guardian)

Princeton’s climate and housing crisis discussed by industry leaders (TAP Into Princeton)

States test an electrifying idea: roads that can recharge your EV (FutureStructure)

State bill would aid city’s move towards more climate-friendly food sources (CityLimits)

Why new research in concrete could save BC homes (UBC Applied Science)

Low-income apartments that set a high standard for energy efficiency (City Lab)

Dattner debuts a record-setting new 26-story Passive House high-rise in the Bronx (Archinect)

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