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September 12, 2022

Passive House Weekly: September 12, 2022

Passive House Weekly: September 12, 2022

September 12th, 2022

Please read on for a selection of Passive House happenings, articles, interviews, and developments. The featured project above is Passive House Turnaround.

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1. Passive House Week in Preview

WED: Construction Tech: Educating the Next Generation: Introducing Kids to Passive House with Shaun St. Amour


We are heading back to school with Shaun St. Amour, PHA Live! co-host and VP of Operations for Clay Construction Inc.

Shaun will be sharing insights on how to share Passive House with the next generation, covering topics such as the history of shelter, passive house principles, the first passive house, as well as hands on educational experiments. Get the Zoom link

NOW LIVE: Episode 104 of the Passive House Podcast


Cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Jon Iliffe, a Director and co-founder of eHaus, the nationwide building company in New Zealand focusing on delivering Certified Passive Houses and high-performance homes. Jon discusses some of his previous experiences, including working for Rolls Royce in the UK and the exciting times ahead as demand grows for healthier, more efficient and lower carbon buildings in New Zealand. Listen here

THIS WEEK: Events In the Passive House Community

Passive House Accelerator
Educating the Next Generation: Introducing Kids to Passive House (Sept 14)

Passive House Canada
Understanding & Working with PHPP (Sept 13)
Built in Canada: Lessons learned from an EnerPHit Project (Sept 16)

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2. Featured Article of the Week


Building Forward in the Face of Fires

While Passive House buildings are rightly touted for their comfort, health, and energy savings, they bring another benefit that is often overlooked but can be critical in the western United States and other arid climates—their inherent survivability in wildfire events. Nearly 40% of all homes in the U.S. Continue reading

3. New Video

The Art and Practice of Fenestration™ with EuroLine Windows

Davyd Funk and Alfred Jury, President and Certified Passive House Consultant of EuroLine Windows, joined the Accelerator to Introduce the latest cutting-edge innovation in the fenestration industry. With continuous innovation comes superior solutions. The new fiberglass composite ThermoPlus Casement is purposely engineered to meet most stringent Passive House Standards and the requirements of our most forward-thinking residential and commercial clients.

4. Upcoming Conferences

NESEA's BuildingEnergy NYC 2022 Conference, Bridging the Gap (Sep 15)
NESEA's BuildingEnergy NYC conference is designed by and for practitioners in the fields of high-performance building and design, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and building/energy policy. Conference sessions and showcase demos offer best practices and lessons learned, case studies and proven data, technical "how-to"s, emerging technologies, and innovative policies and programs. If you are a professional in the built environment in any stage of your training and career, plan to immerse yourself in a day of networking and intensive learning on Thursday, September 15, 2022, in NYC at Convene Park Avenue (466 Lexington Avenue).

Passive House Canada Prefab Symposium 2022 (Sep 21-23)
Whether you are a design professional, building scientist, contractor, developer, government official, or financial decision-maker, Passive House Canada’s Prefab Symposium will provide case studies and best practices across Canada, and share how you can integrate an innovative prefab strategy into your core business practices. (Virtual)

PhiusCon 2022: Emissions Down, Power Up! (Oct 25-28)
PhiusCon is coming home to Chicago Oct. 25-28 at the historic Palmer House. Last year, Phius set its sights on expansion with its motto “Emissions Down, Scale Up!” and despite the obstacles presented by COVID, shared that vision with a sold-out crowd in Tarrytown, New York. PhiusCon 2021 created a wave of momentum, and Phius is looking to carry that into PhiusCon 2022 as it builds for the future. And you can’t talk about building for the future without mentioning electrification, so Phius decided to put a charge into this year’s motto: “Emissions Down, Power Up!”

UKPassivhaus Conference 2022 (October 25-26)
The 2022 UK Passivhaus Conference will be a hybrid event (in-person in Exeter and online) on 25 & 26 October at the Exeter Corn Exchange. On both days, the Conference will include site visits to St Sidwells' Point, the UK's first leisure centre & public pool aiming for Passivhaus certification.

International Passive House Association Conference 2023 (March 10-11)
The 26th International Passive House Conference will be held in the state capital of Hesse in 2023. #EfficiencyNOW will be the focal theme of the event. The Conference will demonstrate how buildings that use very little energy for heating and cooling can be supplied with renewable energy reliably and at scale, a timely topic. The Conference will take place in person in Wiesbaden from March 10-11, 2023. Simultaneously, online events will be available. The Call for Papers is open until 2 September 2022. The event will be held under the auspice of the Minister of Economic Affairs of the German state of Hesse. 

5. Upcoming Passive House Happenings

Passive House Accelerator
Educating the Next Generation: Introducing Kids to Passive House (Sept 14)
Beyond Passive House, Where to Go Next (Sept 21)

Passive House Accelerator + New York Passive House
Urban Passive House: Episode 1: Infill, Winthrop Center (Sept 22)

#BS Friday LIVE
"The Building Consultant" - Mark Parlee (Sept 30)
Mark LaLiberte of Construction Instruction (Oct 7)
Building Science Institute (Oct 14)

Passive House Canada
Prefab Symposium 2022 (Sep 21-23)

Emu Passive
Online CPHT On-Demand Course & Live Q&A (Autumn Crew open now, Q&A start Sept 22nd)

PhiusCon (Oct 25-28)

Passive House Network
CPHD On-Demand Trainings
CPHT On-Demand Trainings

Passivehaus Trust
Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass Lecture Series: Agar Grove (Sept 7)
Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass Lecture Series: Leisure Centres (October 25)
Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass Lecture Series: Passivhaus & RIBA Plan of Work (November 2)
Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass Lecture Series: Steel Frame Passivhaus (December 7)

6. What We're Reading

These Maps Show How Climate Change Affects Your City in Real Time – And What Will Happen in the Future (Fast Company)

On First Steps, and When Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good (The Fifth Estate)

Hawai’i Shuts Down Its Last Coal Plant (Grist)

Heat Pumps Take Off in Coal-Loving Poland Amid Ukraine War (Washington Post)

5 of the World’s Coolest EcoVillages (EcoWatch)

Bikes, Not Self Driving Cars, Are the Technological Gateway to Promise (Next City)

Carbon Farming: Ohio State Environmental Project Can Help Find More Solutions to Climate Change (The Lantern)

How to Deal with Climate Change? Transform Building and Farming! (Business Northeast)

A Chef’s Mission to Prove Eating Insects Is Good for the Planet – and Palate (The Guardian)

Why It’s Time to Talk About Poo (BBC, yes that BBC)

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