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September 26, 2022

Passive House Weekly September 26, 2022

Passive House Weekly September 26, 2022

September 26th, 2022

Please read on for a selection of Passive House happenings, articles, interviews, and developments. The featured project above is the PHI certified Montessori Kinderhaus.

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1. Passive House Week in Preview

WED: Electrification & Energy Recovery in the Student Residence with Commercial Kitchen Typology


When the University of Toronto committed to go all-electric for its new student residence building, one of the biggest challenges facing the design team was how to achieve Passive House certification while integrating a full commercial kitchen.

This Construction Tech presentation by David MacKeracher and Melissa Light of Toronto-based MCW Group of Companies reveals unique strategies incorporated in the mechanical systems design to recover thermal energy from the building’s waste-water and the kitchen’s exhaust air. Join the PHA LIVE! event to learn about Passive House performance methods to implement in your next commercial kitchen project.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday, September 28th and will be followed by a lively Q+A session. Get the Zoom link

NOW LIVE: Episode 106 of the Passive House Podcast


Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Glenn Murdoch, Design Director at Theca Architecture in Christchurch, New Zealand. They discuss Glenn's early adoption of Passive House design, his role in the early days of Passive House Institute New Zealand, and his practice of using PHPP and Passive House design in all of his work, whether PH-certified buildings or not-certified. Listen here

THIS WEEK: Events In the Passive House Community

Passive House Accelerator
Electrification & Energy Recovery in the Student Residence with Commercial Kitchen Typology (Sept 28)

#BS Friday LIVE
"The Building Consultant" - Mark Parlee (Sept 30)

Emu Passive
Online CPHT On-Demand Course & Live Q&A (Reg for Jan '23 opens Oct 1st)

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2. Featured Article of the Week


Rolling Up: Modeling Overhead and Fine-Tuning Doors

Passive House (PH) certification is increasingly being sought and designed for in diverse non-residential building types, giving rise to specific complexities that don’t commonly crop up in a standard single-family or multi-unit residential building. One such building type is the garage, which for a residential project would usually be modeled outside of the thermal envelope but can be an integral component of an office building, manufacturing facility, or other industrial facility. Continue reading

3. New Videos

Bryn Davidson is co-founder of Lanefab, an integrated design/build team that crafts custom high-performance homes in the Vancouver BC region and beyond. Over the last decade, Lanefab's designers have also worked on a range of high-performance builds and Passive House projects, both successes and failures. Bryn’s presentation on the Accelerator explores where we all might be going in the next decade. 

Presented by New York Passive House and Passive House Accelerator, the Urban Passive House Series explores Passive House solutions and lessons learned for urban settings, drawing on built examples from major metropolises across North America.

Episode 1 features a building that is both the largest Passive House infill project in North America as well as its largest office tower, the Winthrop Center in Boston. Louis Koehl of Handel Architects presents the design moves behind this $1.35 billion project.

4. Upcoming Conferences

PhiusCon 2022: Emissions Down, Power Up! (Oct 25-28)
PhiusCon is coming home to Chicago Oct. 25-28 at the historic Palmer House. Last year, Phius set its sights on expansion with its motto “Emissions Down, Scale Up!” and despite the obstacles presented by COVID, shared that vision with a sold-out crowd in Tarrytown, New York. PhiusCon 2021 created a wave of momentum, and Phius is looking to carry that into PhiusCon 2022 as it builds for the future. And you can’t talk about building for the future without mentioning electrification, so Phius decided to put a charge into this year’s motto: “Emissions Down, Power Up!”

UKPassivhaus Conference 2022 (October 25-26)
The 2022 UK Passivhaus Conference will be a hybrid event (in-person in Exeter and online) on 25 & 26 October at the Exeter Corn Exchange. On both days, the Conference will include site visits to St Sidwells' Point, the UK's first leisure centre & public pool aiming for Passivhaus certification.

Passive House Massachusetts Symposium (Nov 16)
PHMass welcomes you to join them as they return to an in-person Symposium and Push the Boundaries of Passive House. Featuring presentations, case-studies, panel discussions, and networking, all in-person at the BSA Space in Boston. Early Bird Registration is now open!

International Passive House Association Conference 2023 (March 10-11)
The 26th International Passive House Conference will be held in the state capital of Hesse in 2023. #EfficiencyNOW will be the focal theme of the event. The Conference will demonstrate how buildings that use very little energy for heating and cooling can be supplied with renewable energy reliably and at scale, a timely topic. The Conference will take place in person in Wiesbaden from March 10-11, 2023. Simultaneously, online events will be available. The Call for Papers is open until 2 September 2022. The event will be held under the auspice of the Minister of Economic Affairs of the German state of Hesse. 

5. Upcoming Passive House Happenings

Passive House Accelerator
Electrification & Energy Recovery in the Student Residence with Commercial Kitchen Typology (Sept 28)
Kentucky Phius Project: Highlighting Design Strategies and Offsite Fabrication Methods (Oct 5th)

#BS Friday LIVE
"The Building Consultant" - Mark Parlee (Sept 30)
Mark LaLiberte of Construction Instruction (Oct 7)
Building Science Institute (Oct 14)

Emu Passive
Online CPHT On-Demand Course & Live Q&A (Reg for Jan '23 opens Oct 1st)
Passive Pod Workshop & Builder Boot Camp in Ft. Collins, CO (Oct 31 - Nov 4, deadline Oct 17)
Remote Exam to become PHI Cert. PH Tradesperson CPHT (Nov 10, deadline Oct 27)

PEEL Passive House
Certified Passive House Designer Course (Oct 4th-Oct 27th)

Passive House Virtual Open Day (Oct 7th)

Brick & Wonder
High Performance Building: Cocktails & Case Study (Oct 13th)

PhiusCon (Oct 25-28)

Passive House Network
CPHD On-Demand Trainings
CPHT On-Demand Trainings

Passivehaus Trust
Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass Lecture Series: Agar Grove (Sept 7)
Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass Lecture Series: Leisure Centres (October 25)
Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass Lecture Series: Passivhaus & RIBA Plan of Work (November 2)
Large & Complex Passivhaus Masterclass Lecture Series: Steel Frame Passivhaus (December 7)

6. What We're Reading

The Next Step on Climate Action: Parking Reform (City Lab)

Minneapolis Is the Latest US City to Demand Emissions-Free Shipping (Next City)

Inside the Plant Building the Fastest Passenger Trains in America (Washington Post)

Startup Makes Prefab High Rises Like Boeing Makes Airplanes, Aiming to Reduce Emissions (CNBC)

‘A Living, Breathing Building’: The Rise of Resilience Centers Amid Extreme Heat in the US (The Guardian)

Remixing Work and Home: How to Think About Hybridity (Metropolis)

How to Know When Windows Should Be Replaced (Facilities.net)

Talking Healthy Homes with Kate Nason (Architecture & Design)

Passive Houses Grow in Popularity as Homebuyers Look for Energy Efficiency, Low Environmental Impact (ABC News)

Archio Gets OK for Pink Passivhaus Homes in East London (Architects’ Journal)

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