PHI Knows How to Throw a Digital Conference

A challenge of conferences in this age of Covid-19 is how to create opportunities for real (albeit digital) human connection. Having just taken in the introductory sessions of Passive House Institute’s International Passive House Conference this morning, I can report that conference organizers have done a first-rate job at facilitating attendee interaction in chat during sessions—lots of exchange and camaraderie going on in the column off to the right as we took in plenary presentations. A highlight of the morning was seeing all the personal video messages from leaders from iPHA affiliate groups from around the world, so that gets high marks. And moving forward, networking at the conference will take a step up, with matchmaking functions, Yotribe rooms, and more offered by PHI.

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For my fellow North Americans, PHI has been so kind as to schedule sessions that are especially relevant to our region during times slots that are friendly to our continent’s time zones. So, if you haven’t already, do consider registering for the conference. There’s no international Passive House confab like it, and we’d really enjoy seeing you via the event’s social assets. Here’s the program.

And lest you forget that Passive House is about more than just building modeling and analysis, check out Dr. Wolfgang Feist’s David Letterman-inspired Top 10 list delivered to the Global Passive House Happy Hour back on April Fools Day.

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Author: Zachary Semke
Categories: Certification