Global Passive House Happy Hour

Come drink in some low carbon building design knowledge and inspiration at our Global Passive House Happy Hours, held every Wednesday. This is social distancing at its finest!

This free event is open to all comers, regardless of experience level, preferred certification type, profession, or geography. It’s a (virtual) place for the Passive House community to come together and share the work that we are doing to spread something good in the world. Passive House design and construction creates comfortable, healthy, energy efficient, resilient, and beautiful buildings. Let’s keep our spirits high as we all deal with the COVID-19 virus in a responsible way—staying home, practicing social distancing, continuously washing our hands, communicating with our friends online, and ensuring we are safe!

4pm Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, LA
6pm Chicago
7pm New York, Toronto
12pm Midnight London (Thursday)
1am Darmstadt (Thursday)
9am Melbourne (Thursday)

The theme of these socials: Fast. Factual. Fun.

Organizers will issue a Zoom link to registrants so that we all can interact from the comfort of home.

Interested in presenting in the future? E‑mail

Typical Agenda:

  • Introductions, invitation to present
  • Simultaneous opening of beverages. BYOB
  • Presentation
  • Open discussion / networking

Video from Past Happy Hours:

July 1, Andreas Benzing & Scott Kennedy—PH Battle of the Cities, NYC v VAN:

July 1, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Andreas Benzing and Scott Kennedy, PH Battle of the Cities—NYC v. VAN.

June 24, Joanna Grab & Jen Leone—Data, Not Anecdotes! How to Fund PH.:

June 24, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Joanna Grab and Jen Leone, "Data, Not Anecdotes! How to Fund PH."

June 10, Ya’el Santopinto & Graeme Stewart—Ken Soble Tower Passive House Retrofit:

June 10, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Ya'el Santopinto & Graeme Stewart about Ken Soble Tower Passive House Retrofit.

June 3, Tom Bassett-Dilley and Timothy Eberline—Carroll Center Passive House Retrofit:

June 3, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Tom Bassett-Dilley and Timothy Eberline about Carroll Center Passive House Retrofit.

May 27, Kate Nason—Melbourne Passive House:

May 27, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Kate Nason presents about Melbourne Passive House.

May 20, Graham Irwin—Future Proofing for Energy and Water:

May 20, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Graham Irwin presents about future proofing strategies for energy and water.

May 13, Ed May—New Jersey’s First Multifamily Passive House:

May 13, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Ed May presents about New Jersey's first multifamily Passive House building.

May 13, Ed May—After Hour Presentation about Digital Passive House “Jigs”:

May 13, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Ed May's After Hour presentation about digital Passive House "jigs".

May 6, Tessa Smith—Madison Passive House:

May 6, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Tessa Smith presents about Madison Passive House.

April 29, Tomás O’Leary—Ireland’s largest Passive House scheme:

April 29, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Tomás O'Leary presents about Ireland's largest Passive House scheme.

April 22, Sally Godber—Goldsmith Street, winner of RIBA’s Stirling Prize:

April 22, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Sally Godber presents about Goldsmith Street social housing project.

April 15, Andrew Peel—world’s first Passive House car dealership:

April 15, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Andrew Peel presents about the Passive House Subaru dealership in Red Deer, Ontario.

April 8, Michelle Apigian—Massachusetts Passive House multifamily:

April 8, 2020 Global Passive House Happy Hour: Michelle Apigian presents multifamily Passive House details from Massachusetts project.

April 1, Timothy McDonald—the “good ugly” Front Flats:

April 1, 2020 Global Passive Happy Hour: Dr. Wolfgang Feist presents Top 10 List and Tim McDonald presents provocative Front Flats project.