Student Residences in Passive House: Scaling Challenges & Insights  (9/27, 12pm ET / 9am PT)
December 22, 2021

Regenerative Construction Ecosystems Symposium on Mass Timber Passive House (Jan 26-27)

Regenerative Construction Ecosystems Symposium on Mass Timber Passive House (Jan 26-27)

The Passive House Network is pleased to announce a free symposium titled Regenerative Construction Ecosystems, accessible live-online, January 26 & 27, 1-4 PM ET. The symposium will gather experts in mass timber design, planning, construction in combination with Passive House, embodied carbon tools, wood components, and industrialized construction, and will focus on fostering an ecosystem that serves forest sustainability and wildfire prevention, while producing leading-edge building technologies and results. This symposium offers designers, consultants, and policymakers the opportunity to gain insights into connecting these emerging market trends. 

Wood as a building material is durable, affordable, and light. It holds the potential to radically transform our carbon-heavy building infrastructure while improving upon health, quality, and comfort. When integrated with Passive House design, mass timber ensures cost-savings, sustainability, and amenity. 

On Jan 26, the symposium kicks off with discussions on turning mass timber construction into a reality. Participants learn mass timber from production to design to development. While also being keyed into industry developments in education and new leaders in the field. 

On Jan 27, the symposium showcases the tools necessary for low-carbon building construction. Presentations will overview effective planning and design, and how to connect consumers to this exciting opportunity. Enthusiastically, the Passive House Network will grant first insights to the new PHRibbon - embodied carbon calculator. These tools will transform how we create our building design, paving the way for a sustainable built environment. 

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