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December 2, 2019

Report from the International Passive House Conference in China

Report from the International Passive House Conference in China

Each month, NAPHN Chapter, Passive House Rocky Mountains (PHRM), conducts an online meeting and presentation about a new Passive House and high-performance design topic. last month’s (see video below) was a recap of the International Passive House Conference in China:

How is Passive House growing and evolving outside the US? Enrico Bonilauri, reports on the state of the PH-sphere with regards to policies, projects, products and training in different continents around the world. With the first International Passive House Conference taking place this year outside of Europe, it was interesting to see how the PH standard is being implemented in large scale Asian projects as well as in smaller emerging countries.

Enrico Bonilauri, originally from Cavriago, Italy, holds two Masters Degrees — one in Architecture from the University of Parma, Italy, and one in Design Science from the University of Sydney, Australia. He specializes in performing detailed computer simulations for thermal, hygrometric and economic analyses, informed by the thousands of hours he has spent on varied construction sites.


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