Six & Kane: First EnerPhit Plus Commercial Building in the United States

02 22 2023 PHA Live CT rectangle

Norm Horn (New Ecology Inc) and Gary Moshier (Moshier Studio) join Construction Tech to discuss Six&Kane, the first EnerPHit Plus Certified Commercial Building in the United States. Their presentation focuses mainly on the wall assemblies of the front and rear elevations of the building and how they handled each from design response, implementation, and then modeling and certification. The front was a complete tear-down and rebuild, while the rear masonry elevations were repaired and retrofit with new windows, siding, and insulation. They started construction of this 3-story, mid-block masonry building originally constructed in 1885 back in July of 2020.

The project was completed in September of 2022 and is on track to become the first EnerPHit Plus certified commercial building in the US.