Special Passive House Component Episode: Rob Conboy of Glavel

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In this, the first special Passive House Component episode of the Passive House Podcast, cohost Zack Semke speaks with Rob Conboy, CEO of Glavel, an industry innovator and founding sponsor of Passive House Accelerator. Rob and Zack dive into Glavel’s origin story, its commitment to 100% clean energy use in the production of its foam glass gravel, the firm's moves to weave equity and inclusion into its company DNA, and its quest to eliminate operational and embodied carbon emissions from buildings throughout North America. Glavel takes recycled glass and transforms it into a low embodied carbon, insulative gravel that replaces both gravel and foam board insulation at the foundations of Passive House buildings. It’s revolutionary stuff, and Rob and his team are harnessing that revolutionary spirit to build a manufacturing operation that will accelerate the transition to healthy, resilient, and climate-wise buildings. Have a listen!

Check out the audio podcast version of this special episode.