Super-Insulated Airtight Passive House Homes | Building Performance Interactive Episode 4

Episode 4 promo image

The fourth episode of the Building Performance Interactive focused on super-insulated airtight timber frame construction to accelerate strategic design and development of Passive House projects. Expertise, fast building techniques, along with high-quality and energy saving materials are required in assuring high-performance. To illustrate this point, we visited the construction site of a new build Passive House in the UK to speak with Adrian Williamson and Lee Broomhall involved in the process. Adrian Williamson - Director and Chartered Architectural Technologist at WM Design & Architecture showed how the adoption of intelligent strategic design of timber frame construction can maximise energy savings through its structural components, while meeting current building standards. Lee Broomhall - Sales Manager at MBC Timber Frame talked about the PH standards, using passive timber frame wall and foundation systems, advanced manufacturing techniques that create a continuously insulated thermal envelope, resulting in superior airtightness, cold bridge-free house. Adoption of latest technologies and modern timber frame construction methods can help achieve significant energy savings, up to 90%, and deliver extremely low U-Value, by integrating best practices manufacturing processes.