Tantrum Urban Commercial Infill

The Tantrum building is a commercial infill Passive House project that will demonstrate the benefits of exceeding design and code minimums in what is typically an overlooked building typology.

The narrow 7.6-metre by 39.5-metre site sits in Revelstoke’s downtown core amidst heritage-era low-rise buildings.

The three-storey building will house a ground-floor retail unit with offices above.

To contend with the region’s short building season, construction options were short-listed to either prefabricated or modular systems.



STARK Architecture Ltd.


Tree Construction Inc.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing


Ultimately, floor and roof panels using cross-laminated timber for the shear walls and wood fibre insulation were utilized to increase build speed and help achieve the Passive House performance goals.


Heating demand

7 kWh/m²a

Cooling and dehumidification demand

0 kWh/m²a

Primary energy renewable (PER)

45 kWh/m²a

Air leakage

0.6 ACH₅₀ (design)

Rendering courtesy of STARK Architecture

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