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475 Introduces the FLAIR 325/400 from Brink

475 Introduces the FLAIR 325/400 from Brink

Available in early 2023 from in both USA and Canada, the FLAIR 325 and 400 heat / energy recovery ventilation systems have the highest efficiency ratios in North America as Certified by PHI. 475 CEO, Floris Keverling Buisman, will present available solutions (ERV/HRV, accessories) as well as specs for this newest essential component for high performance construction. Brink's FLAIR provides 192 CFM (325 m3/hr) or 236 CFM (400 m3/hr) of filtered fresh air. Systems are quiet, provide MERV13 filtration, have very high heat recovery efficiencies (up to 91% per PHI) and are super-efficient - utilizing next gen ECM motors (0.21W/m3*hr) which allow you to optimize your Passive House design. This presentation will introduce the highly efficient units and discuss all additional features including automatic Co2 based flow rates, ways to manage air changes, monitor performance, and more.

WARNING: Things will get geeky.

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