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Does Passive House Cost the World?

Does Passive House Cost the World?

Expert practitioner and educator Daniel Kress of Smart Plus Academy will present a special edition of Passive House Accelerator LIVE! (on a rare 5th Wednesday of the month) featuring an entertaining dive into the incremental cost of Passive House compared to conventional construction in single-family homes.

Is it worth spending more dollars to achieve Passive House? Yes! Passive House provides a return of financial investment over the lifetime of the building. It requires an upfront investment and creates an additional financial burden of about a ‘take away coffee’ per day for a 125 square meter house in the first year. After ten years, the financial burden is down to a ‘7-Eleven coffee’. When the loan is paid off, you become financially free and gain a free $16 lunch every single day.

Join us on March 30 for many more pearls of wisdom from Daniel, as well as smart ways to communicate the value of Passive House to clients, developers, and the market.

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