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Looking for an energy-efficient vertical sliding window in the English style?

Ask for "GEORGE", the airtight "Single Hung Window". Tested up to a maximum wind pressure

of around 170 mph, "GEORGE" was classified in highest tightness class 4. Soundproof glass up

to 42 dB also makes “GEORGE” a truly luxurious window.

BEWISO, specializing in wooden windows, develops and produces energy-efficient windows and

doors based on historical models or in a modern design. Since 2016, our window “VICTORIA” has

been the only “Simulated Double Hung Window” on the market that is certified according to the

guidelines of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. It is also approved in New York for use in

historic buildings.

If you are looking for extraordinary windows or doors, just send us your inquiry.

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