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Passive House Podcast Ep 19: Sangeetha Sambandam, WRT

In this episode of the Passive House Podcast Sangeetha Sambandam joins podcast co-host Zack Semke to talk about her journey to Passive House and the major projects she has underway. Sangeetha, a designer at WRT in Philadelphia, completed her architectural training in India with an undergraduate background in physics. After working in Sri Lanka and India she moved to Philadelphia where her interest in the sustainable side of architecture took off. Sangeetha is certified as a Passive House designer by both Passive House Institute and Passive House Institute US, and holds a myriad of other sustainable design certifications and accreditations.

Sangeetha talks with Zack about the completion of Phase 1 of the Park River multifamily low-income Passive House complex in Hartford, Connecticut. The complex will include 260 units of low-income housing across 4 phases using both PHI and PHIUS certifications.

Listen to the full episode to hear about the potential for more low-income Passive House housing in Connecticut, embodied carbon, and Sangeetha’s dream project: dual certified Passive House and Living Building.

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