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Passive House Podcast Ep 34: Beverly Craig, MassCEC

In Episode 34 of the Passive House Podcast, cohost Zack Semke interviews Passive House policy leader and accelerator Beverly Craig, Senior Project Manager of Low and Moderate Income Programs at Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC). Zack and Beverly discuss the pivotal role that policy progress can play in spurring widespread adoption of Passive House design and construction. Beverly shares her firsthand experience instigating rapid Passive House uptake in her state, spurred along by programs like Mass CEC’s Passive House Design Challenge, Mass CEC’s Triple Decker ChallengeMass Save’s Passive House incentives, and Massachusetts’ recently-passed climate law, and more. It’s safe to say that Massachusetts is lining up to become an epicenter of Passive House construction in North America, thanks in no small part to these programs and to the work of Beverly and other policy leaders. Listen to the podcast episode to hear her insights about what has made these programs successful and to take away lessons for use in your community.

This podcast interview previews ideas and themes that will be explored at Passive House Accelerator’s Passive House Policy Summit to be held on Monday, April 26, 2021. Learn more to register for the virtual event.

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