Sol Lux Alpha


Heating energy

Cooling energy

Total source energy

Peak heating load

Peak cooling load

Air leakage

4.1 kBtu/ft²/yr



2.5 Btu/hr/ft²


0.5 ACH50

Sol Lux Alpha is the first Passive House certified multiunit nanogrid development in the United States. A nanogrid is a self-contained energy system that is islandable from the grid. Each of Sol Lux Alpha’s four condominiums is 100% powered by renewable energy solely from the PV system over the building’s roof deck. As such, the six-story building pushes the vertical limit for fully site-powered PV building design. The units are actually projected to generate excess power that can be used for electric vehicle (EV) charging, or can be paid back from San Francisco’s Clean Power excess generation tariff of $.089/kWh. Each unit, plus the common area, has three Tesla Powerwall energy storage systems. These systems allow the unit to remain fully functional if the grid goes down, or if the owners simply choose to disconnect. Energy and building science experts and industry professionals have travelled from as far away as Switzerland and Australia to learn more about Sol Lux Alpha. Read the full article here.

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