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How Am I Building Two Passive House Mixed Use Development at the Same Time?

AJ Patton is the Chairman & CEO of 548 Enterprise, a unified real estate & investment social impact firm that collates his capital, development, foundation and energy solutions. Named after the address of the affordable housing project AJ grew up in, 548 is a symbol of his personal commitment to bringing sustainable building technologies and innovation to underserved communities. 

In this episode of the Next Gen series of Passive House Accelerator LIVE! AJ talks about actualizing this commitment through $200 Million in mixed-use and residential sustainable housing developments, including two of the Midwest's largest Passive House affordable housing portfolios as a winner of Chicago’s INVEST South/West initiative. AJ discusses the path that led him to working on these two different Passive House projects (both are seeking Phius Certification), and how he is creating above-market returns and transforming communities all while positively impacting the environment. 

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