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INSIDE a Deep Energy Retrofit of Carriage House in Brooklyn NYC | RETRO:FIT

Welcome to Retro:fit with Michael Ingui. In this first episode, Michael is joined by esteemed air sealing expert Kevin Brennan for a unique walkthrough of an active deep energy retrofit of an historic carriage house in Brooklyn Heights, NYC. Witness firsthand their process and gain insights into the art of retrofitting a historic carriage house to the EnerPHit Passive House retrofit standard of the Passive House Institute. 

A seasoned hand in sustainable architecture, Michael provides a detailed narrative as he navigates the evolving space. With each step, he highlights the key considerations and decisions made to ensure the integration of Passive House design while preserving the historical character of the carriage house. Meanwhile, Kevin elaborates on the significance of effective air barrier systems and the impact they have on energy efficiency and occupant comfort and health.

Throughout the walkthrough, Michael and Kevin offer in-depth explanations of the construction methods, materials, and strategies employed to optimize energy performance and indoor environmental quality, as well as how those retrofit interventions free up the architect to maximize the use of interior space. 

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Project team:

  • Architect: Michael Ingui and Marc Fabris (Principal) along with Ashley Griffith, Baxt Ingui Architects

  • Interior Designer: Meghan Laky and Sohui Kim, BIA Interiors

  • Contractor: Robert Taffera, Taffera Fine Building and Finishes

  • Passive House Consultant: John Mitchell, bldgtyp

  • Insulation Contractor: Kevin Brennan, Brennan Brennan Airtightness and Insulation

  • Mechanical Engineer: RJD Engineering LLC

  • Structural Engineer: D’Huy Engineering

  • Certification body – Passive House Institute

  • A/V Consultant: SoundSight Technologies .

  • Donato Plumbing

  • Supercharged Electric

  • All HVAC

  • Cottingham LLTD

  • Zola Windows and Doors

  • Lamilux Skylights

  • Mitsubishi, HVAC

  • Zehnder, ERV

  • AO Smith, Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

  • Whirlpool, Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

  • Pro Clima, Membranes and Tapes

  • Owens Corning, under slab and above roof rigid insulation

  • Rockwool, insulation between joists and other areas

  • Stego

  • Cellulose dense pack insulation

  • Artistic Tile & Stone

  • Mondial Tile

  • Stone Source

  • Tile Bar

  • BAS Stone

  • European Marble

  • Grand Central Plumbing

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