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ROCKWOOL’S Stone Wool Solution for Passive House Component Spotlight

ROCKWOOL North America’s special Passive House Component Spotlight dove into stone wool solutions for Passive House projects. Mahnaz Nikbakht, architectural manager of Eastern Canada, and Robert Blount, architectural manager for New England, will team up to talk about residential, industrial, and large-scale project applications, like the Cornell Tech Tower in New York City. Mahnaz is a CPHC with a wealth of experience in highly technical building product applications. Robert has over a decade of experience in project management and onsite knowledge of product applications and uses.

The duo will talk about the applications of stone wool insulation in Passive House projects. As a leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation for over 80 years, ROCKWOOL offers a full range of high-performing and sustainable insulation products for Passive House construction. Stone wool delivers multiple co-benefits as an insulation solution, including fire resistance, superior thermal performance, acoustic control, water resistance, and more.

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