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Tim Eian, TE Studios Presents Lexington Parkway Passive House

Tim Eian—the founder of TE Studio, a Minneapolis-based architecture firm dedicated to sustainable, environmental, and Passive House designs—presented the Lexington Parkway Passive House Plus at the Global Passive House Happy Hour on May 5. Tim is German-born and brings over 20 years of architectural experience with a conviction for high-performance buildings. His family home, Good Energy Haus, is the first certified Passive House Plus new construction in Minneapolis. 

Tim is a detail-driven designer taking residential buildings to a new level of sustainability by designing to the (PHI) Passive House standard. He has many Passive House firsts under his belt including the first certified Passive House in Wisconsin.  

Watch the full Happy Hour to hear more about the Lexington Parkway Passive House Plus from Tim.

View chat transcript.

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