High Energy Performance With Low Carbon Building Materials

07 12 23 PHA Next Gen Rectangle

Our July Next Gen episode features Paul Shepski of Vancouver, BC based Geography Contracting. The central focus of his presentation is on two projects (one completed and one in progress) that are attempting to achieve high energy performance while also using low carbon building materials. In today's relentless pursuit of energy performance, the thickness of our walls has increased significantly. It is crucial to critically examine the materials utilized in wall assemblies and evaluate their long-term sustainability and impact on human health. Paul sheds light on these vital considerations, encouraging us to reflect on the choices we make in constructing our homes.

With over 15 years of experience and a background in environmental science, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to his industry. He’s a licensed BC builder and active member of Vancouver’s Homebuilders Association and Passive House movement, implementing healthier building standards that benefit our community. Paul approaches every project with care and works closely with clients to make sure their home fits their lifestyle and needs.