Hot Climate, Cool Solutions: Inside Seville's Passive House Hotel

06 21 23 PHA Live PS rectangle

The first Passive House certified hotel in Seville's historic center defies the challenges posed by its hot climate, small size, and preservation requirements, showcasing innovative strategies to mitigate heat and maximize energy efficiency. Through meticulous design considerations, including strategies to minimize cooling demands, Triana House in southern Spain achieves Passive House performance while preserving its traditional Andalusian style.

Presenter Juan Manuel Castaño Salvador is an architect, Passive House Certifier, CPH Designer, and CEO of Castaño & Asociados Passivhaus, a pioneering entity implementing the Passive House standard in warm and hot climates of southern Spain and official course provider for the Passivhaus Institut. With extensive experience in the design and assessment of NZEBs and Passive House buildings, Juan Manuel expertly addresses the challenges presented by hot climates. He is a regular speaker on Passive House topics and was recognized as the winner of the III Iberoamerican Passivhaus architecture contest.