Iconic Retrofits Bring Passive House to Brooklyn, NYC | Massive Passive

Massive Passive option for Casa Pasiva

Our inaugural episode of Massive Passive takes us to Bushwick, Brooklyn, where we delve into the Casa Pasiva retrofit initiative that is bringing beautiful new facades to affordable housing buildings throughout the neighborhood—facades that pack a big Passive House performance punch. By incorporating the buildings’ new super-efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation systems into the new facades’ EIFS insulation, the Casa Pasiva designs both hide and highlight the high-performance elements of these retrofits.

Join Bright Power's Carmel Pratt as she takes you on a guided tour through this remarkable development, showcasing its architectural design and revolutionary approach to energy efficiency and occupant health. Throughout the episode, we speak with the brains behind the project: the architects, the contractor, and the diligent energy manager who has witnessed a 50% reduction in energy use by these buildings post-retrofit.

Special Thanks to:

  • Riseboro

  • Chris Benedict, R.A.

  • Joy Lagan

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