Jon Jensen: Compartmentalization


We were thrilled to have Jon Jensen stop by Construction Tech last week. He is the Director of Sustainability at MaGrann Associates and the chair of the board of directors for Green Building United, and he presented on the building science principles, design details, and onsite implementation strategies needed to pass blower door tests of single units in multifamily buildings. Or, as cohost Shannon Pendelton phrased it, “How not to have an air party.”

In addition to hearing from Jon, Shannon also talked about Girl Contracting at the top of the hour. The organization will be running Camp We Build over the course of 4 weeks (July 19 – August 13, 2021) in Philadelphia for children ages 10-14. Campers will engage in hands-on-build sessions by licensed trade professionals, expand their careers horizons, and cultivate mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities with industry professionals. If you want to donate any materials, tech, or time to the organization, follow the link here.

Author: Jay Fox