Mario Bissessiar: Single Unit Retrofit

0615phactt video

Last week’s Construction Tech and Global Passive House Happy Hour featured the one-two punch of Jane Sanders and Mario Bissessar, who took turns talking about the high-performance retrofit of a single unit in a six-story, 83-unit co-op in New York City. You can view Jane’s presentation here.

Mario, president and founder of City Line Interiors, has over 18 years of experience in remodeling, working on every aspect of building projects, from cleanup to managing the implementation of highly technical details. Speaking at the June 15 Construction Tech, he got down to the technique, the technical, and the technology required to make this project possible, and focused on specific challenges that he and his team overcame and lessons they learned. One thing that Mario stressed, particularly with respect to air sealing, is that you need to have patience and you need to sometimes get creative with your taping.

You can watch Mario’s presentation above and read more about this project in the latest issue of the Passive House Accelerator Magazine here.

Author: Jay Fox