Late Night with Dr. Wolfgang Feist—a viral Passive House Top Ten List

April 03, 2020


As rough as these pandemic days have been, the ways that we’re finding community via our online networks have been sustaining. One place that community has sprouted up with fast-growing shoots has been the Global Passive House Happy Hour. This past Wednesday’s online gathering included over 350 people from around the globe.

This Happy Hour—which coincided with April Fools’ Day—was kicked off with a surprise guest appearance by Dr. Wolfgang Feist, founder of the Passive House Institute. With RDH’s Monte Paulsen playing straight man, Dr. Feist channeled his inner Letterman for the reading of a Late Night-inspired Top Ten List unlike any other. (And it WAS a late night for Dr. Feist, who signed in at 1am Darmstadt-time to guest star.)

Enjoy…and congratulations to Dr. Feist for his global comedic debut! (Thank you, Dr. Feist!)


Zachary Semke
Zachary Semke
Zack Semke is Director of Passive House Accelerator and a member of Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership Corps. He writes and speaks about…

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