Passive House Book Club Vol. 1

For those who have attended the Global Passive House Happy Hour, you know that the chat is oftentimes as lively as the formal discussion taking place on the screen. For those who have yet to attend a Global Passive House Happy Hour, what are you waiting for?!

A lot of these discussions in the chat typically spill over into the main conversation happening, but sometimes they only get a brief mention. Typically, it’s because they get answered during the normal flow of the conversation. Other times, they are maybe a little bit too off subject and only get a brief cameo even if they could enjoy a longer turn in the spotlight. In still other cases, the subject is so vast that we could spend weeks talking about it without ever running out of material and it would mean a lot of other conversation topics get neglected.

This is what happened during the most recent Happy Hour with respect to Passive House and Passive House-related books. There are literally thousands of books out there about designing healthier buildings, planning more sustainable communities, the science of new and less carbon-intensive materials, and so on. Since the Passive House community is an especially thirsty group when it comes to knowledge about these types of things, we though it would be wise to give the subject its own space.

This is just the first in what will be an ongoing series about the books that inspire us to design better, build better, and live better. Going forward, if you have a book that you’d like to recommend to the community, please send an email to [email protected].

Thanks in advance everyone and don’t forget to support your local bookstores when possible!

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Author: Jay Fox