Passive House Weekly May 1st, 2023

May 1st, 2023

Please read on for a selection of Passive House happenings, articles, interviews, and developments.

The featured project above is Brooklyn Passive Townhouse Retrofit. The project is featured on our recent episode of Passive Pads on the new Reimagine Buildings Channel. Watch now!

Do you have a recent Passive House and/or high performance project that demonstrates PH principles, electrification, low embodied carbon and high performance construction? Submit here to be featured in a future edition of Passive House Weekly, Podcast or LIVE! program.

1. PHA Week in Preview

First Passive Pads Episode On New Channel

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Check out the first episode of our Passive Pads series on the new Reimagine Buildings YouTube channel. The video features Michael and Dayan Ingui's thoughtfully designed Brooklyn Passive Townhouse Retrofit.

While we'll continue to publish the video recordings from our LIVE programming at our good ole' Passive House Accelerator YouTube channel, at our Reimagine Buildings channel, we'll share videos that are made by our team expressly FOR video: pithy PH explainers, hip home tours, inspiring stories of community development and resilience, informative onsite demonstrations, and lots more.

WED: 10 Steps to Building Your First Single Family Passive House

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Josh Salinger's firm Birdsmouth Design-Build built their first certified Passive House almost 10 years ago and since then have worked on numerous Passive House and high performance builds in and around Portland, OR. At this point in time building a Passive House has become 'just building' as the transformation has become complete enough for Birdsmouth that it is hard to imagine designing or building any other way. Once one learns how to do something right, one can't go backwards.

Birdsmouth's first project had the biggest learning curve and Josh shall endeavor to reduce that learning curve for you by sharing his top 10 insights to building your first Passive House project. He will talk about everything from sales to pre-construction through the building and certification processes with the goal to share his lessons learned and help make the transition more smooth for your first project.  Get the Zoom link

23 Social Facade LI(1) 1681836564

THUR: Facade Renovation & Retrofits x Brick and Wonder

We are working in partnership with Brick & Wonder to produce an in-person public panel that will explore current opportunities and challenges in Facade Renovation and Retrofits, with a focus on NYC.

Local Law 97 will increasingly levy fines on developers and owners who are not retrofitting older buildings to make them more energy efficient, but the capital expenditures needed to complete these complex projects are large.

Hosted at Brickworks New York Design Studio, we’ll hear from an interdisciplinary panel bringing financial, municipal, owner, and designer perspectives to learn about the pathways they are finding through this thorny issue at the center of NYC's built environment future. Free event! Register here

NOW LIVE: New Passive House Podcast Episodes

NOW LIVE: New Bonus Passive House Podcast Episodes

Enjoy these special bonus episodes recorded at the 26th International Passive House Conference. Thank you to our sponsors for making these interviews possible!

Ikon Windows and Doors | Innotech Windows and Doors | Intelligent Membranes | Minotair | Pro Clima

THIS WEEK: Events In the Passive House Community

Passive House Accelerator LIVE!
10 Steps to Building Your First Single Family Passive House (May 3)

Brick & Wonder x Passive House Accelerator
Facade Renovation and Retrofits (May 4)

Passive House Northwest
Passive House Northwest Embodied Carbon Mini Conference (May 5)

Australian Passivhaus Association
Thrive South Pacific Passivhaus Conference (May 5-6)

Passive House Canada
Passive House Canada, Future Forward: Innovations in Passive House and Beyond (May 8-10)
120P - Pathway to Passive House Designer/Consultant Certification (May 8)

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2. Featured Article of the Week

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New Honeybee-PH Tool Improves Workflows for Modelers

The free, open-source Honeybee-PH toolkit has been developed to help modelers overcome the challenges of large and complex building modeling by smoothing the flow between the popular 3D modeling program, Rhino3D, and the PHPP Excel document. Continue reading

Screen Shot 2023 04 30 at 10.23.08 AM

PHA x Architizer

Have you read our most recent article for Architizer? 

Aggressively Passive: Why Fierce Brand Competition Is a Huge Win for Green Architecture

3. Upcoming Conferences

Passive House Northwest Embodied Carbon Mini Conference (May 5)
This one day conference will be focused on embodied or 'upfront' carbon impacts of Passive buildings. What is more impactful, the operational energy savings of Passive buildings or the upfront carbon emitted when crafting more robust assemblies? Does one outweigh the other? Is it an either or choice? Come join our curated group of experts for a one day discussion around these issues. We will discuss materials and design choices that can minimize the upfront emissions AND the energy usage of our buildings. We shall endeavor to dispel the myth that Passive Building enclosures may be too carbon intensive to pursue as a solution to the ongoing climate crisis, while highlighting the benefits of a robust, resilient and healthy Passive House building.

Thrive South Pacific Passivhaus Conference (May 5-6)
Experts from around the world will present on the enormous potential of good design, while at the same time product and component suppliers and manufacturers will demonstrate their practical implementation in our Trade Show & Exhibit. The conference will demonstrate the importance of well-conceived and consistent action in the building sector for a successful transition to a sustainable energy future. Hands on Workshops and Masterclasses will help professionals deepen their knowledge on Passive House technologies and methodologies, while Site visits will provide the opportunity to experience the real difference of Passive House.

Passive House Canada, Future Forward: Innovations in Passive House and Beyond (May 8-10)
This year’s Annual Conference will consider the evolutions and innovations of Passive House design and construction, both currently and looking towards the future. Additionally, the conference will highlight the numerous evolutions in buildings and standards within a crowded green building market. This conference will also spotlight efforts to bolster the wider building sector across Canada and internationally by driving investment and collaborations, targeting embodied carbon, increasing climate resilience, leveraging policy and regulation, and spurring on prefabrication and manufacturing sectors of Canada.

Getting to Zero Forum (May 10-12)
The Getting to Zero Forum is the premier event dedicated to building decarbonization. With a growing number of climate emergencies across the United States and around the world, there is no more important time than now for the Getting to Zero Forum. The event brings together the world’s leading experts to share best practice approaches to reducing energy demand and decarbonization related to policy, program, and projects. It is the only event with a broad cross-section of stakeholders focused on ambitious building efficiency goals and is an ideal venue for organizing both the policy and building communities to achieve zero carbon ambitions.

NYC Next: Trends for a Changing City (June 8)
In our 2023 conference, NYC Next: Trends for a Changing City, we’re bringing together experts to explain three key trends that will shape the city: getting to net zero, converting offices to apartments, and centering resiliency in NYC’s buildings of the future. We’ll talk to the individuals who have an inside look at these trends and are doing the work to make NYC’s climate targets a reality.

ASES Solar 2023 (Aug 8-11)
ASES supports the global initiative that a world equitably transformed to 100% renewable energy is an urgent necessity. Through the ASES National Solar Conference, SOLAR 2023 will elevate public, institutional, and governmental awareness of the critical role solar energy is playing in the global energy landscape. We must ensure that access to and the benefits from clean energy will be enjoyed by all communities, especially those that have been denied those benefits in the past.

2023 Passive House Network Conference (Sep 28-Oct 6)
Participate online and in Denver Colorado!

PhiusCon (November 7-10)
The four-day conference includes presentations from the top minds in the industry and is a catalyst for the advancement of passive building.

4. New Videos

1920x1080 Image
1920x1080 Image

5. Upcoming Passive House Happenings

Passive House Accelerator
101 Series
10 Steps to Building Your First Single Family Passive House (May 3)
Next Gen
Tales from the Trenches: Passive House Ventilation Commissioning Roadblocks (May 10)
Project Showcase
California MCM Re-Envisioned: PH in Warm Climates (May 17)

Pratt Institute School of Architecture
Ice Box Challenge (May 1-8)

Passive House Northwest
The Embodied Carbon Mini Conference (May 5)

Australian Passivhaus Association
Thrive South Pacific Passive House Conference (May 5 - May 6)

Passive House Canada
120P - Pathway to Passive House Designer/Consultant Certification (May 8)
90 - Introduction to Passive House High Performance Buildings (May 16)
Master Class Series – Built in Canada: Lessons Learned from an EnerPHit Project (May 25)
Master Class Series: A Pattern Language from Passive House (June 14)

Building America
RFP for Community-Based Retrofit Solutions (May 9)

Passive House Network
Getting to Zero Forum (May 10)
CPHD On-Demand Trainings

PhiusCon 2023 Call for Abstracts (May 26)

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6. What We're Reading

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Record ocean temperatures put Earth in ‘uncharted territory’, say scientists (The Guardian)
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NYC unveils new zoning aimed at making energy efficient retrofits easier (Commercial Observer)
Luxury above the clouds: Vancouver’s CURV set to be world’s tallest Passive House (Vancouver Sun)
How winners of the ‘Green Nobel’ are protecting the environment (Scientific American)
Lisbon bars cars from driving through city center (CityLab)

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