"Passivhaus in Australia" Highlights the Versatility and Artistry of the Passive House Standard


There are some people who believe that high-efficiency design means boxy structures with a paucity of small windows. They clearly have not seen Passivhaus in Australia, the Australian Passive House Association’s new book on Passive House projects down under and beyond. Andy Marlow, a board member of the Australian Passive House Association and Director at Envirotecture, said the book is also meant to convey the many positives associated with Passive House. Marlow notes that this is accomplished less by criticizing current architectural practices and more about focusing on the benefits of Passive House. “We really did want to present Passive House as a being a solution,” he said. The book describes the standard, the certification process, and how quality assurance plays an outsized role throughout the build.

Andy Marlow talks about the Australian Passive House Association's new book, Passivhaus in Australia.

The book is intended to introduce the concept of Passive House and show off these buildings’ versatility and beauty. Detailed case studies of more than 20 Passive House projects from around Australia each refute the notion that efficiency is incompatible with ingenious design. These profiles include written descriptions about each project, metrics, and copious amounts of photographs.

Readers will find lots of inspiration in this book, which can be freely downloaded here.

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