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Ph Airseal is a company focused on the future, in present day. Our sole focus is Air sealing residential and commercial spaces, thus allowing them to be more energy efficient, creating a more durable building and providing better indoor air quality. 

AeroBarrier technology has helped many projects seeking Passive House certification cross the finish line with its unique approach to sealing building envelopes by pressurizing the conditioned space, and then aerosolizing the non-toxic and Green Gold Guard Certified AeroBarrier sealant. Pressurization pushes the sealant into even the smallest nooks and crannies, sealing them off and creating air a more complete air barrier. While this is happening, technicians monitor the air leakage figures in real time. Once the target ACH50 or CFM is achieved, the team stops spraying the sealant, and then conducts a final blower door test to ensure they’ve reached the desired goal. The entire process can be replicated quickly, allowing the team to service multiple units in one visit. In most cases, they can seal between 10,000-20,000 ft2 of conditioned space per day.

PH Airseal was founded by Lawrence Linder, a Passive House certified tradesperson. Like his father and grandfather, Lawrence has worked as a general contractor in New Jersey throughout his career. In recent years, he has become increasingly interested in using technology and more advanced building science to create healthy, sustainable, and energy efficient renovations and additions. Through his work as a GC on numerous high-performance retrofits, he gained a greater appreciation of the importance of air sealing and AeroBarrier technology. In 2021, he founded PH Airseal with the goal of becoming the air sealing standard within the multifamily construction industry throughout the New York metropolitan area.

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