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Passive House Podcast Ep. 105: Scott Kennedy, Cornerstone Architecture

Passive House Podcast cohost Zack Semke interviews Scott Kennedy, Partner at Cornerstone Architecture in Vancouver, British Columbia. Trained as an engineer and an architect, Scott is a leading exponent of multifamily Passive House design, trailblazing the approach in Vancouver and championing the adoption of Passive House across Canada. He's also a longtime member of the Board of Directors of Passive House Canada. In the interview, Scott speaks about his discovery of Passive House, the parallel evolution of his practice and building energy policy in Vancouver, the projects and the design puzzles that excite him the most these days, and what is on the horizon. 

In the news segment of the episode, cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh share an article in Fast Company about the Clayton Community Center: 

At the end of the episode Matthew and Zack discuss upcoming events. Links can be found here: 

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