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Passive House Podcast Ep 89: Jamie Harte, PUBLIC

Passive House Podcast cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Jamie Harte, architect and Certified Passive House Designer at PUBLIC in Vancouver, BC about his Passive House journey, his work on the UBC Skeena Student Residence, and his current project, Vienna House. 

View Jamie's Passive House Accelerator LIVE! a presentation about the Skeena Student Residence here: https://passivehouseaccelerator.com/videos/ubc-skeena-student-residence 

Read the Accelerator's article about the Skeena project here: https://passivehouseaccelerator.com/articles/skeena-residence-a-community-asset

Matthew and cohost Zack Semke discuss upcoming Passive House events at the end of the episode. Links to those can be found here: https://passivehouseaccelerator.com/articles/passive-house-weekly-may-30-2022

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