Northland Newton Development

Northland Newton Development has been approved by Newton City Council after 3 years in planning. The project consists of 14 mixed-use buildings, of which SWA is providing services for 12 . This first-of-its-kind Passive House development in Massachusetts will provide a combination of all-electric affordable, workforce, and market rate housing. Three buildings are committed to Passive House Classic certification, two buildings are committed to Passive House Low Energy Building Standard, and an additional three buildings will be designed to the Passive House standard. The team’s intent to fully electrify the buildings’ systems is a testament to the development’s low carbon commitment and long-term sustainability goals. The project is a joint effort between developer Northland Investment Corp., architects Stantec & CUBE3, MEP engineer AHA Engineers, and the General Contractor Cranshaw Construction. Construction is anticipated to begin Fall 2021.

Buildings committed to Passive House Classic : Buildings 3, 4, and 8 Metrics at current stage in design;

Building 3: Heating demand 4.37 kBTU/ft2yr, Cooling Demand 2.66 kBTU/ft2yr, Source Energy (PER demand) 23.80 kBTU/ft2yr

Building 4: Heating Demand 4.14 kBTU/ft2yr, Cooling Demand 4.68 kBTU/ft2yr, Source Energy (PER demand) 21.21 kBTU/ft2yr

Building 8: Heating Demand 4.03 kBTU/ft2yr, Cooling Demand 3.93 kBTU/ft2yr, Source Energy (PER demand) 22.84 kBTU/ft2yr